You hardly notice the RoofTop Tent on top of your car while you are on the road. But as soon as you reach your destination you can unfold the TopDog to a comfortable living space in no time at all.

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Close to heaven,
yet right down to earth

Whether it’s surfing, sailing, climbing, diving or hang-gliding, the TopDog is ideal for anyone looking to break free from everyday life with a maximum of spontaneity and a minimum of fuss. This rooftop tent is especially appealing for those who value their comfort, but whose tow-bar is normally hooked up to a boat trailer, horsebox or similar.

For different vehicles there are two different versions of the TopDog. The width of the platform is 1.40 or 1.60 meters wide and the living tent of TopDog 140 is cut differently to ensure a comfortable headroom at the door.

two TopDogs

While driving you’ll hardly notice the compact package on top of your car. Once you arrive at your destination, TopDog folds out into a comfortable living space. The large sleeping area, with an ultra-comfortable 8 cm thick mattress, can be accessed with ease using the ladder. The possibility to close the tent on all sides allows you to create a cosy cocoon inside, even if the weather is raging outside.

der gemütliche Wohnraum des TopDog – for a larger view please click on the image.

The first rooftop tent to offer a self-contained living space

Damp and condensation are never a worry in the TopDog, thanks to a fully integrated floor in the living area and all-round enclosed walls.

When it’s lovely and warm outside, you can remove the walls and floor in just a few simple steps, to make an airy sleeping quarters with a large awning. As with other models, the cover of TopDog’s panoramic window provides extra shade when the sun comes out.

As on the trailer tents, the windows in the TopDog consist of three layers: mosquito net, window foil and canvas. The doors, too, can be made insect-proof or closed with fabric, allowing the temperature of the room to be adjusted depending on the prevailing weather. A partition wall is available for the TopDog, which can be used between the bedroom and living space as an enclosed wall, or as a protection against insects.

der TopDog in Landmannalaugar – for a larger view please click on the image.

Custom-made for any car

Our TopDog will fit every car that is the size of a station wagon or bigger with a load capacity of at least 70 kg.

Since we fabricate every single tent individually, we can also customize them and create the tent that is right for you. This means that, for a very large vehicle, we can make it bigger, taking advantage of all the space you have, and for a smaller, sportier car, we can make it narrower to fit better.

This is where you will be able to pick your color...

Montage des TopDog – for a larger view please click on the image.

What about the weight on the roof?

A conventional roof rack is used to secure the TopDog to your car’s roof. The maximum roof load, as recommended by the vehicle manufacturer, is usually to be found in the owner‘s manual. It’s important that you don’t exceed this limit.

This information applies only to the load during the journey. When the vehicle is stationary, a higher load on the roof may be permissible, due to the absence of braking forces, crosswinds, etc. Proper installation will ensure no damage occurs to your vehicle, even with more than two people in the sleeping area.

Winde zum Abheben des TopDog

Removing the tent platform

When it’s not in use, the TopDog can be stored upright in your garage or hoisted directly under the roof using a winch. The platform is equipped with special mounting points for this purpose.

Les avantages en un coup d‘œil

  • grande qualité et fabrication solide
  • système extensible par ajout de modules
  • montage et démontage simples et rapides
  • design moderne et fonctionnalités bien étudiées
  • atmosphère agréable, confort de couchage élevé
  • plancher intégré dans la tente principale
  • espace de tente entièrement protégé contre les insectes les plus petits

Floor plan
Grundriss des TopDog – for a larger view please click on the image.

Side view TopDog 140
Schnittzeichnung des TopDog – for a larger view please click on the image.

Side view TopDog 160
 – for a larger view please click on the image.

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