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Extended living space
with tent trailer add-ons

The modular system for 3DOG camping tent trailers means it is possible to add living space – at any time. To achieve this flexibility we use an ingenious tent structure and use special zips.

TrailDog mit Anbauzelt in Landmannalaugar – for a larger view please click on the image.

Additional living space with the
add-on tent for trailer tents

The additional room provided by the add-on tent makes a great deal of sense, especially for families. It means that the kitchen area at the rear of the trailer is not constantly occupied, and can be freed up as a play area, for example, with the kitchen module disappearing into the trailer.

With the modular system developed for 3DOG camping tent trailers, the living space can also be extended at a later stage. This exceptional flexibility is thanks to a clever design, made possible by special zips.

Another aspect of this flexibility is the way in which the add-on tent need not be used as a single space, but can be divided up with additional walls as required. For instance, when it’s very hot you can install a large awning in front of the tent. In windy conditions, you might add on a wall, while on chilly evenings you can opt for the comfort and protection of a fully-enclosed living space.

Küchenerker am TrailDog – for a larger view please click on the image.

The kitchen alcove –
the add-on tent’s baby brother

If you decide you don’t really need an add-on tent, but do require extra protection in poor weather conditions, this optional awning for the kitchen area is the answer. Additionally, the kitchen alcove can be used as a sun-shade on the opposite side of the tent.

Raumteiler – for a larger view please click on the image.

A flexible floor plan

Installed in just a few simple steps, the room divider transforms your living space. The divider is placed directly in front of the large bed in the trailer and is closed with either the canvas or a mosquito net. This makes your living quarters even more comfortable, and offers additional protection against insects. The TrailDog has a similar room divider, again to create a large separate sleeping area in the main tent.

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