You will look forward to your next vacation with a Trailer Tent or Fold-up Trailer Tent from 3DOG camping. Enjoy your vacation with the 3DOG camping Fold-up Trailer Tent in top outdoor quality.

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Tent Trailers and Rooftop Tents
of the highest Outdoor Quality

... will make you really look forward to your next vacation!
The folding caravan does away with complicated ‘construction products’ before you can sleep and the hours of packing when you are ready to leave again.

Der Faltcaravan ScoutDog

Trailer Tent ScoutDog

Compact, cozy and even cute, this is the smallest of the pack – quick and easy to set up, probably one of the most user-friendly campers out there – wonderful for a tour around the country.

Faltzelt-Anhänger TrailDog

Trailer Tent TrailDog

This is the biggest of the pack. A substantial family base that can be packed in minutes.

Autodach-Zelt TopDog

The Rooftop Tent TopDog

In the TopDog you have a good view of things from above.
This first rate Roof Top Tent gives you good protection anywhere you go.

Setting up your tent – Quick and easy

You’ll be amazed how simple it is to set up and take down a 3DOG camping tent. Just pull on the top piece of fabric and an entire spacious tent folds out! Then simply secure the frame with the special fasteners ... job done.

Taking down the tent is just as simple. The tent folds back onto the platform, leaving masses of storage space under it for your gear. The bedding stays on the large sleeping surface, ready for the next night. So no more tiresome cramming of sleeping bags into stuff bags!

Let’s face it: holidaying in the great outdoors means you are going to get varied conditions, and probably wet weather from time to time. Even when wet, your tent can be packed away as usual, without you having to worry about the inside getting damp too.

Aufbau erster Schritt

Once more – step by step:

After parking the trailer and lowering the support stands you can take off the cover that protects the tent from dirt and weather during the journey.

Aufbau zweiter Schritt

Just a quick pull on the canvas ...

Aufbau dritter Schritt

... and the tent unfolds as if by magic ...

Aufbau vierter Schritt

... quick attachment of the poles and you are done!

Of course for windy weather you have plenty of attachments to anchor the tent. All the needed ropes, tent pegs and more are included with all our models.

Tents that grow as you do
The flexibility of modular design

You change over the course of your life, and so do the requirements you have of your tent. First you’re travelling solo or going away with friends. Then kids come along, those kids get bigger, and eventually they too go off on their own ...

A particular feature of our tent trailers and rooftop tents is the ease with which they can be extended, to meet the new demands placed on them. Even after many years of use, your 3DOG camping tent can be adapted to suit your own personal needs. All manner of extensions and fixtures, from living room to kitchen, can be added on at any time.

The modular design of 3DOG camping tents:
The main tent, erected in minutes in just a few easy steps, is usually all you need for an overnight stay. All models function according to the same simple principle. The add-on tents consist of modular components, so you choose what to build on – maybe just an awning to protect against the sun, maybe individual walls as shelter against the wind or even a self-contained room.

Die Farbpalette der 3DOG camping Zelte

Life is colourful

For 3DOG camping tents the potential options consist of a total of nine colours for the walls and the roofs. The tents are manufactured individually to order. A light colour is recommended for the roof as this does not heat to an uncomfortable temperature in the sun.

You can combine the tents in our configurator according to your own taste. You can also select the colour scheme directly on the screen.
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