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Off Road Magazin 01/2012

Off Road Magazin 01/2012

Editor-in-chief Jörg Kübler spent the summer holiday 2011 with his family in an OffRoader ScoutDog in Greece. There can hardly be an editor who knows this Tent Trailer as well as he does.

This is his report ...

AutoBild 26/2012

AutoBild 26/2012

The AUTO BILD editor Bernd Volkens took a close look at our TrailDog and reported on his impressions and experiences with this Tent Trailer.

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MDR – "Einfach Genial"

In the summer of 2008 the team from ‘Einfach Genial’, the popular inventor programme at the broadcaster Mitteldeutscher Rundfunk, visited us and asked us to demonstrate in great detail the structure and special features of our TrailDog.

We think it’s a really well made programme.

freizeitguide aktiv

magazine "freizeitguide aktiv"

The magazine ‘freizeitguide aktiv’ wanted to form its own impression and tried out one of our Tent Trailers themselves. The result was published in a detailed report in the September 2008 issue.

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“Camping is in fashion. And tent trailers are a more affordable alternative to expensive caravans …” says AutoBild.de

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Til H. from Gomaringen

Greetings in Hamburg!

After a 2-month test trip with our trailer we are back and can tell you that we are really thrilled!!! 2 small children and a pregnant mother mean that everything needs to work!!! And it did. The product quality on this thing is absolutely top!!!

Days with heavy rain in the Pyrenees, absolutely no problem.
Days with strong wind... maybe 5-7 ... in Leucate right on the lagoon everything was fine. It was a pleasure to see how the springs on the anchor worked so perfectly. So overall we are really thrilled!!!!

But we still have one complaint: the room divider on the inside is too short!! It only reaches approximately 30 cm from the ground… can I send it back and change it? That seems to be the only thing that was sewn incorrectly??? [note from 3DOG camping: but of course, stupid mistake, send it back!!]

Some more suggestions for improvements:
• I added reinforcement plates to the supports where they meet the trailer as they risk breaking off if turned when in contact with the ground.
• It is easy to cut yourself on the lock on the bed…
• The zip closures are very loud...
• I don’t have the 12 V power supply from the vehicle, e.g. for the fridge.
• The ignition on the stove is very loud…
• The cable/socket were too short to connect to the Landrover and were on the wrong side.

But those are really only little things: the issue with the zips and the ignition was only noticeable when we wanted to watch eagles in the mountains … and that cannot be changes or they would no longer be as sturdy.

The part with the supporting wheel is super, even if it is heavy – it is solid and nothing breaks off…
I could imaging the water tank being even larger.

If the Velcro strips on the doors were coloured it would be easier to connect the netting or doors at dusk or in the rain or if dirty.

But otherwise it really did exceed my expectations.

And as chance would have it we met someone with a trailer by XXXXX. We were together in Leucate for 5 days. Our trailer was always stable, sealed, hardly flapped around. The XXXXX looks great, stainless steel, but that didn’t help ... the rain after 4 days of Mistral ran through the swollen seams into the tub and into the bed.
We slept and only had a few drops come it. Since then, at the latest, we know how lucky we are!!

Kind regards to all and thank you again for the great work…

Til, Caolin, Ben , Mailin......

Family W. from Ludwigsburg

Hello at 3DOG,

We visited CMT yesterday and wanted to thank you again for your advice. I would also like to make you a big compliment:
The most pleasingly designed stand in all the many halls is the 3DOG stand – and you also really answered all our questions, even the really stupid ones, in a friendly and absolutely competent manner.

I wish you much success at CMT and continued success with your products.

Sunny regards from Ludwigsburg
Birgit Z., Günther and Konstantin W.

Peter R. from Ipsach, Switzerland

I ordered a new caravan two months ago. And I will use it but since I have seen your brochure I will keep finding fault in my new caravan until I own a TopDog. Your products are fascinating because they communicate a feeling of pure camping and yet display amazing solidity. You are speaking to the deepest desires of vagabonds…

Thank you for letting me discover you!

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