The Trailer Tent ScoutDog shows you how to create a lot of room in a little space.

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The smallest of the pack
but not to be underestimated !!

Pack plenty of freedom

Whether you’re at the coast, high up in the mountains or in the tundra, your ‘home from home’ is right there with you, offering the ultimate in comfort.

The cosy bed – and living area that extends out sideways – create a full nine square metres between them. Thanks to the integrated tent floor everything stays dry, even when setting up and taking down the tent at lightning speed. Using an add-on tent, you can easily increase the living area of the ScoutDog by an extra ten square metres.

kompaktes Paket – for a larger view please click on the image.

While driving and when not in use it is a compact package. This means low wind resistance and a comfortable drive as well as small storage space requirements when not in use.

auch bei Sturm und Regen ein offenes Fenster – for a larger view please click on the image.

Fine living
on two levels

The large storm hood, which is included on all models, is stretched over the window at the side of the bed to ensure plenty of ventilation, even in rainy weather. All three windows in the sleeping area can be darkened from the inside with canvas or protected by foil to prevent moisture getting in.

The standard sun-shades on the panoramic windows of the living area and add-on tent provide additional comfort on hot summer days. Needless to say, all the poles, guy ropes and ground pegs needed to set them up are included.

 – for a larger view please click on the image.

The coated zips make sure moisture never gets into the tent: 3DOG camping only uses YKK zips which contain a fungicide, are water-repellent and are recognised for their extreme robustness. They work faultlessly even when subjected to extreme loads.

Advantages at a glance

  • High-quality solid construction
  • Extendable modular design
  • Without tent, trailer can be used as transporter
  • Quick and easy to set up and take down
  • Plenty of stowage and high load capacity
  • Clever modern, functional design
  • Lightweight, with refined handling characteristics
  • Minimum maintenance
  • Pleasant interior climate, comfortable sleeping quarters
  • Floor sewn into main tent
  • Entire tent protected against even minute insects
  • Extra strong V-drawbar for transporting additional loads

Floor plan
Grundriss des ScoutDog – for a larger view please click on the image.

Cross section
Schnittzeichnung des ScoutDog – for a larger view please click on the image.

good workmanship
Anbindung der Zelte an die Plattform – for a larger view please click on the image.

It’s this kind of attention to detail that makes 3DOG camping products unique. Care is taken to round off the edges of aluminium parts, for example, to avoid damage to the tent fabric.

Trailer base
Die Basis unserer Zelt-Anhänger

Without the tent our trailer can also be used for transport.


ScoutDog in Island
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