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At some locations in Germany it is possible to first test travel with 3DOG camping. These offices have different models in different variations for rent.

The following rental prices are of course inclusive of all costs – the trailers are handed over "ready for a holiday", as it were.

If you are interested please complete and send us the following contact form, detailing when and from where you would like to travel with a 3DOG camping Tent Trailer. We will process this as quickly as possible and will pass the request on to the relevant rental office. The enquiry is of course non-binding.
First name *
Family name *
Telephone *
Post code, City
Rental period * from    
Desired equipment *
ScoutDog Add-on tent Kitchen module
TrailDog bike rack  
Please send me the current 3DOG camping brochure with price list, free of charge.

If you have a little time we would greatly appreciate your answering the following questions in order to support us in the development of our products.

It goes without saying that we will keep this information absolutely confidential.
Many thanks in advance.

What is the name of your dog or favorite pet?
How did you find out about our website?
Have you ever travelled with a tent trailer or a rooftop tent? Yes No
How big is your pack (without animals)? Single
 How many persons?
Which product would you be most interested in? Trailer Tent
Rooftop Tent
PickUp Tent
Which piece of special equipment do you find interesting? Off-Road trailer
Kitchen module
Add-on tent
Premium bed
Room divider for sleeping area or children’s room
Towbar box
Tow-bar bike rack
We are always developing new accessories. What would you be interested in? Lighting
Cooling unit
Special equipment for divers
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