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If you choose to holiday with a tent trailer, you can expect some pretty amazing outdoor adventures. But what about all those personal items you bring along on your travels? Suntan lotion, travel guide, wristwatch, mobile phone, torch – campers know how much stuff they need, and how easy it is to misplace it in the tent. 3DOG camping has come up with a very practical solution for keeping things tidy, wherever you venture.

The principle is a simple one: integrated all along the walls of the main tent, inside the room dividers and even on the roof of the add-on tent, you’ll find Velcro strips to which special pockets and hooks can be attached.

Small boxes for your bits and pieces, racks for your newspapers and magazines and hooks for your jackets or towels ... suddenly everything has a place, and is no longer so prone to getting lost!

At last you have a home for those provisions, spices, wooden spoons and washing up liquid. Once again, it is the little details that stand out: care has been taken to manufacture the bottom of the pockets in transparent film so that none of the contents are hidden from view.


You will also appreciate the new waste disposal devices. Rather than tying rubbish bags to the nearest branch so that hedgehogs cannot search for food in the waste, the bag can now be hung on the tailgate of the trailer with a simple device.

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