Accessories by 3DOG camping. The kitchen for the Tent Trailer can be used without any set-up, features a gas stove and a sink with a capacity of 40 litres.

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A fully equipped kitchen,
complete and ready to cook

The kitchen module in the 3DOG camping tent trailer is also manufactured in our Hamburg factory. The combined stove and sink unit saves lots of space and is very easy to use. Water in the cooking area runs away into the sink just like in your kitchen at home, with taps installed below the cover, for added protection. All kitchen equipment is carefully integrated, and there is plenty of space under the unit for your cooking utensils.

geschlossenes Küchen-Modul

A passion for travel
with a taste for good food

Planning to cook a candlelit dinner for someone special? Or just fancy a quick cup of coffee? No worries. Open the rear door of your tent trailer and you’re all set to go – with a kitchen unit that comes complete with gas supply and running water. When you’re finished, the kitchen simply disappears and folds back into the trailer.

In the kitchen module you’ll find everything you need to make cooking the pleasure it should be. The sink is just the right size for cleaning vegetables and for washing up afterwards. It is made from stainless steel, as is the double-burner gas stove. In an instant, an impact- and heat-resistant glass cover turns it into a practical worktop, which can be extended further with a table.


If the trailer is being used for transport purposes, or if you don’t need to cook on a trip, the kitchen module can easily be removed in just a few simple steps. During a journey it rests securely on strong stainless steel rails.

kompakt integrierte Technik – for a larger view please click on the image.

Technology that you’ll love using

The kitchen module operates completely indepen-dently, with an integrated gas and water supply. The gas cooker uses Campingaz® cylinders that are available practically anywhere in the world and which are placed in the storage area of the kitchen module.

A powerful triple membrane pressure pump supplies fresh water directly from the water tank. This durable PE tank was developed specially by
3DOG camping and is produced without seams, for added hygiene and an extra-long life. Holding 40 litres, it is installed under the trailer floor to
save space and reduce the centre of gravity. It is filled through a lockable tank cap on the outside of the bulkhead. Amazingly, the unit is powerful enough to pump water directly from a nearby lake. A built-in filter ensures the necessary protec-tion from particles, while an integrated battery compartment provides electricity for the pump.

3DOG camping Geschirrset

matching dish set

The 24-piece crockery set in high quality unbreakable melamine is stored in a dedicated holdall and fits perfectly into the kitchen module’s storage compartment.


Kitchen shelter

If you don’t want to have the large add-on tent, you can use an optional shelter to protect your kitchen from the elements. The roof elements of this kitchen shelter can also be used separately as a large sunshade on the front of the tent.

good workmanship
Küchenkufen aus poliertem Edelstahl – for a larger view please click on the image.
robuste unempfindliche Oberfläche – for a larger view please click on the image.
Kochfeld aus Edelstahl – for a larger view please click on the image.


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