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Fresh ideas from the
3DOG camping visions Laboratory

We are not short of ideas.
If only there were more hours in the day!!

An OffRoader basis for our tent trailers

What started out as fun has become serious ...
What started out as an obsession from our own OffRoad experience was realised in 2009 – and has become very popular in the meantime (even with some imitators ;-)

A vision ... and its realisation


A slide from the TopDog

It would be so much fun – if only our children were a bit bigger ...

A vision ...


Document folder to keep all your useful things

This nice piece of equipment has proved its worth one hundred times over.
All our customers know and love this little folder.

A vision ... and its realisation


New pole joint

A little more style?
Hmm, we could do a lot more with this kind of detail.

A vision ...


The platform lifter for separate use of the trailer

We have always made functionality and pragmatism our mission. And our tent trailers have always been multi-functional. This little helper has been there for a long time.

A vision ... and its realisation


Poncho waistcoat by 3DOG camping

Of course: Outdoor life needs its own style.

A vision ...

Weste der Poncho

Special cupboard over the sleeping area in our tent trailers.

A folding cupboard that fits perfectly in our tent trailers. Easy to install and robust enough to carry a lot of things for long periods – that was our aim.
The realisation in our own sewing room inspired us and has already brought a lot of pleasure.

A vision ... and its realisation


Fall protection for children (and those who have retained their inner child)

We have been planning protection to prevent children from falling from the sleeping area for a long time. But we were always resolute: we will only offer a really safe solution. After a lot of trials we have finally achieved this.

A Vision ... and its realisation


Safe in the tent trailer for laptop, camera, pirate treasure, ...

Sometimes holidays are just more relaxed if some possessions are protected from nimble fingers.

A vision ... and its realisation

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