Vacation with 3DOG camping means a lot of space for living and relaxing. Sheltered by a tent with optimal room climate, camping can be fun with any kind of weather.

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A special kind of tent material,
that is without equal

One of the most important parts of a 3DOG camping tent is the canvas, which gives unmatched protection against wind and weather. Australian tent canvas is a fabric that has proven its worth over many decades. It’s extremely resilient, breathable and weather-resistant, and is one of the main reasons our tents have such a long life. You can instantly feel the quality of this material.

A wealth of experience and specialised equipment are needed to process this high-Quality material, which is why 3DOG camping produces in-house in its Hamburg facility. Under the watchful eye of a master sailmaker, the best of Australian outdoor tradition and unique German craftsmanship unite in our high-tech sewing room.

The stuff which dreams are made of

Only premium-quality Australian canvas is used by 3DOG camping, ensuring your tent is ideally suited to a complete range of climatic demands. Meaning it’s just as at home in the dry heat of the Outback, the high humidity of the tropics, or the chilly nights of the Scottish Highlands. In fact, our comparatively mild European weather is like a holiday for this material!

Canvas Paternoster – for a larger view please click on the image.

This composite fabric, which is an intelligent blend of cotton and polyester, meets the toughest demands that can be placed on a tent material. It combines the advantages of natural fibre with those of a modern synthetic material. The result is a strong, breathable canvas with a pleasant look and feel, which sets the benchmark for strength and stability.

Canvas CloseUp – for a larger view please click on the image.

During the manufacturing process, special double-twined yarns are tightly interwoven. The weave is thoroughly cleaned and all natural and process-related residues, which could damage the fabric, are removed. High quality components are used for the finishing of the fabric, to ensure ultimate protection against weathering, fungal and mould infestation, discolouring, water ingress and UV rays.

The finishing process is such that the material isn’t just sealed on the surface – because this could lead to brittleness and poor breathability. Instead, using a large immersion bath, the protective substances are impregnated deep into the fabric. This special approach guarantees a long material life and lasting protection.

3DOG camping canvas is waterproof under a water column of up to 750 mm – impressive credentials for a cotton/polyester composite fabric! In other words, however much it buckets down outside, inside your tent stays perfectly dry. A tear strength of up to 1,800 N, combined with a high resistance to weathering and super-durability, make this canvas the ideal material for a tent that will last and perform well season after season.

Room to breathe
Airy, open, bright and homely ...

The unique design, light roof colours and generous window areas of 3DOG camping tents make for an exceptional living environment. With their integrated floor, the main tent of the trailer tent or the rooftop tent create a fully enclosed space, reducing condensation from the outset. This design concept cuts out the need for any further internal tents.

The large windows and doors, which make up over half the wall areas, ensure plenty of ventilation in hot weather. The fine-mesh mosquito nets in all these openings guarantee excellent protection against insects. Camping is a pleasure in all weather conditions in a tent that creates such an excellent climate inside.

Your perfect tent

3DOG camping manufactures every tent individually, and offers a wide choice of colours for the walls and roof. The roof should be a light colour, as this prevents the tent from becoming unpleasantly hot when the sun shines.

Using our unique tent configurator, you can create a model that matches your requirements precisely in terms of style and layout. And you can test the colour combinations on the screen.
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