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We were winners
at the "OutDoor Industry Award 2009"

Awards for 3DOG camping

For us operating guidelines are more than just a piece of paper that nobody reads or understands. We want to offer you more than is standard – and with this desire in mind at all times we worked on our new operating guidelines intensely and for a long time and now we are proud to give each one of our customers a copy of this little book to accompany them on their travels.

This idea seems to be having convinced the jury at International Forum Design. We were very pleased when our operating guidelines were awarded the "OutDoor Industry Award". The Federal Ministry of Economics also nominated us the German ‘Designpreis der Bundesrepublik Deutschland’.

Many thanks for these awards!

The special features of our ‘travelling companion’:
This little book is more than just the obligatory enclosure but rather serves as a valuable aid when using our Tent Trailers or RoofTop Tents. It contains both the factual product information and practical tips on outdoor travel. We have done something special for our customers in the design too:

manual illustration 1

Illustrations in place of photos

The ‘guiding’ of the customer was the primary purpose when we made our operating guidelines. That is also the reason we didn’t call it the operating ‘instructions’.

A photograph is an exact representation of the object. In an illustration, on the other hand we can focus or omit certain details in order to talk about the relevant components in a more concrete manner.

This is why we chose to use watercolour drawings for the illustrations.

manual illustration 2

Clear communication of functionality

Operating guidelines should serve primarily as a useful aid when using the product.

This is why we concentrated on the most important aspects of the message in the texts and illustrations and at the same time tried to describe or show the function as exactly as possible.

Reading the guidelines should be just as much fun as using the products and should not be considered a necessary evil.

manual illustration 3

Detailed illustration

Illustrations offer the opportunity to show more or less details as needed and to separate the individual components more clearly from one another to make them more clearly visible. This is another benefit of our drawing style in comparison to photography, with which many things would not be clearly separated optically because of shadows or areas that are the same colour.

The focus is on the clear leadership and support of the customer on his travels with 3DOG camping products.

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