3DOG camping produces tent trailers and roof top tents in Hamburg in top outdoor quality

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The team at 3DOG camping would like to welcome you. We develop and produce outdoor equipment of the highest quality because that is the only way it makes us happy – we love what we do.

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from July 25th to August 9th 2015

We are taking a break!
After a very eventful and exciting first half of the year our entire operation will be closed for two weeks to gather strength.

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10 year warranty on Tent Trailers and Rooftop Tents

We personally ensure that our tent trailers and rooftop tents are trusty and robust companions on your travels at all times: at our production facility in Hamburg. The concept and the construction of the various models undergo continuous development here. As a result of customer feedback and our own experiences we will never get tired of improving the Tent Trailers and Rooftop Tents and adapting them to your requirements.


Compact, cozy and even cute, this is the smallest of the pack – quick and easy to set up, probably one of the most user-friendly campers out there – wonderful for a tour around the country.


This is the biggest of the pack. A substantial family base that can be packed in minutes.


In the TopDog you have a good view of things from above.
This first rate Roof Top Tent gives you good protection anywhere you go.

3DOG camping is full of adventure

Our Tent Trailers and Rooftop Tents offer a very unique, exciting way of travelling. This type of holiday does not conform to any stereotype. From a family holiday in the Swedish archipelagos or on Lake Garda to a paragliding adventure in the Pyrenees – with 3DOG camping you will experience unforgettable and fantastic holidays. You always take your living room and bedroom along with you. Great comfort, fast and straightforward.


organising system for tent trailers

where should you put your personal belongings? Sun cream, travel guide, watch, mobile phone and torch – quite a lot of things can accumulate in a tent. 3DOG camping, a manufacturer of tent trailers and rooftop tents in Hamburg, is presenting some practical solutions just in time for spring so that you can stay organised even while travelling – here are the deatails.
organising system for tent trailers

Stroll around our virtual trade show

Camping can be so simple and comfortable!
Please have a look, browse around and let us infect you with the enjoyment of travelling in this magnificent way ...
Stroll around our virtual trade show

OffRoad Trailer with European approval!

Perfect down to the last screw: ingenious structure, the best materials, a detailed finish and optimum surface refinement make our OffRoader really special. The unique EC type-approval allows use in all EU member states.

What an amazing look !!
OffRoad Trailer with European approval!

Accessoiries shop

Due to high demand we have collected a range of high quality accessories that make life in our tent-trailers and roof top tents easier and more comfortable.
Accessoiries shop

Meinungen zu 3DOG camping

What others say about us ...

We can tell you what we like ...
But now that we have been on the market for a while there are also lots of reports about us by others. And many travellers have now experienced their 3DOG camping tent trailer or rooftop tent for themselves and have written their own reports.

We’d like to give you the opportunity to read and view some of these neutral judgments on our products.

Tent configurator
hier geht’s zum ersten Zelt-Anhänger-Konfigurator der Welt

Configure your travel companion as you need it and request a quote.
Here we go ....

Visions Laboratory

There is no shortage of fresh ideas to us. more ...

3DOG camping Showtime
3DOG camping Messestand

Visit us at one of our events and find out more about the 3DOG camping quality.
read more ...



Not just here at our location in Hamburg, you can also receive more detailed information on our products from selected dealers ...


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